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Class Photos - All Years

Riverview School.jpg
Riverview 1st Grade Mrs. Green.jpg
Riverview Mrs. Guernsey 1st.png
Riverview 1st Grade Mrs. Ulmer.jpg
Whitstran 1st Grade.jpg
Riverview 2nd grade Mrs. _.jpg
Riverview 2nd Grade Mrs. Bateman.jpg
Whitstran 2nd Grade.jpg
Riverview 3rd grade Mrs. Moravek.jpg
Riverview Mrs. Kolma 3rd.png
Riverview 3rd Grade Mrs. Morgan.jpg
Mrs. Moores's 3rd Grade Riverview.jpg
Whitstran 3rd Mrs. Meile.png
Riverview 4th Grade Mrs. Rodman.jpg
Riverview 4th Grade Mrs. Lawson.jpg
Heights 5th Grade Mrs. Wattenburger.jpg
Heights 5th Grade Mrs. Gresham.jpg
Heights Mrs. Gresham 5th.png
Whitstran 5th Mr. Kenline.png
Heights 6th Grade Mr. Gustafson.jpg
Heights 6th Grade Mr. Dalton.jpg
Whitstran 6th Mr. Vandenburgh.png
PJHS 7th Mr. Raney.png
PJHS 7th Grade Mrs. Dow.jpg
PJHS 8th Mr. Bowden.png
PJHS 8th Grade Mr. Fiker.jpg
PJHS 8th Grade Mr. Ramsey.jpg
PJHS 9th Mr. Vegar.png
PJHS 9th Grade Mrs. Leghorn.jpg
Class Grad Pic.png
10 Year Reunion.jpg
10 Year reunion
20 year reunion.jpg
20 Year reunion
41 Year Reunion.jpg
41 Year reunion
Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.14.08
45 Year reunion
2018 9-8 class pix 1.jpg
50 Year reunion (Paul's Photo)

I'm going to try to list the names in the 50 year reunion photo.  We're not exactly standing in lines and I may get some of them wrong. I'm going to mostly leave out last names so the list isn't so long. Please drop me an email at to let me know of corrections I need to make, especially where I couldn't tell who it was! 😀 

          Row 1 (L to R): Connie, Pam, Joyce, Wilma, Rachelle, Kristy J, Mary Kay, Kathy E, Rhonda, Jeff, Glenda, John W

          Row 2 Kathy S, Marie S, Claudia, Paula, Vicki, Dot, Ladonna, Nancy S, Noel, Kristie M, Tim L, Jim L, 

          Row 3 Paul, Clarence, Dave B, Jimmy Lou, Lynn Lee, Janet, Orva, Bob E, Dick Bieghtol, 

          Row 4 Tim C, Jim H, Jim D, Ed, John H, Steve, Fred, Joe, Mike H, 

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